Our campus is a smoke-free & alcohol-free environment.

A 10% discount can be offered for the simultaneous rental of more than one room.


Bride’s Room (Main building; Upper Level)

Kitchen & Serving area (Crist Hall/Theater building)

Toddler Room (Main building; Lower Level)

Nursery (Main building; Lower Level)

Greenroom/Choir Room (Main building; Lower Level)

Art Room (Main building; Lower Level)

Fireside Room/Serving area (Crist Hall/Theater building)

Combo: Kitchen, Fireside Room & Serving area

Crist Hall/Theater (Crist Hall/Theater building)











"The Tree of Life" by Tom Van Sant

SANCTUARY: Use of the sanctuary for music recitals is available for $125 an hour with a minimum of two hours. Hours for such use are restricted to hours staff is on campus. Interested parties should call for times.

For more information, or to schedule a tour please send an email us or call (626) 292-2080.