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How You Can Help:
Do you have a fruit tree? Would you like to donate your fruit to those in need? Here’s how you can become a Fruit Donor!

Food Forward can provide you with the resources needed to harvest and donate your fruit to those in need.
(NOTE: we also have nice flyers if you would like to share information with your neighbors that have fruit trees as well.)
Fruit Donor Benefits:
• You are ensured that every piece of fruit is going to someone in need and know that you are a part of the solution of ending hunger in your community!
• You receive a tax- deductible receipt for your fruit. We measure the pounds and send you a receipt by mail noting the weight of your donation. (You must estimate the value of your donation)
• You reduce the amount of waste in your yard or green bins that are attracting rodents.

Visit Food Forward’s beautiful and easy-to-navigate site for more info on how to register your tree or trees.

If you want to donate your home-picked fruit or veggies, please email Contact the Harvest Coordinator or 818-764-1022×3. Boxes are available in the Narthex.



Keep on bringing the food! 

Everyday, children and their families go hungry, right here in our own community.  By supporting our neighborhood food bank at La Casa by donating food items to our food pantry, you are helping to solve this problem! Food donations go directly to families who otherwise might not have enough to eat.



PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIANS UNITINGProgressive Christians Uniting (PCU) engages people and communities to embody Jesus? way of compassion and justice for our world. PCU works with congregations to develop the capacity to respond to public justice issues on a solid faith-rooted foundation. The resources it makes available range from issue-focused study guides, trainings, workshops, and presentations on how progressive Christians can take action to support communities on the frontlines of oppression.

To visit the Progressive Christians Uniting website, click here


Children's Offering Project For 2016

All children (and adults, for that matter) are invited to SHARE YOUR PENNIES this year.  Our Moderator Pat Bell has introduced a new giving project for 2016 brought to us by Church Women United.

The International Fellowship of the Least Coin is a worldwide ecumenical movement of prayer for peace and reconciliation.  Each time you spend time in prayer, particularly for those who are victims of jealousy, hatred, violence, and injustice to the family, community, nation, and the world, you are invited to put a penny in the jar which you’ll find at our Visitor’s Center during the week or up front on our communion table each Sunday.


La Casa
La Casa is currently in need of these particular items: 
• small bags of beans and rice
• tuna and other canned proteins
• paper bags with handles


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